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We live in a visual world.

People are less inclined today to sit and read through text heavy websites and newsletters; they want to see and feel what you're talking about. A cursory glance at online spaces shows that the messages which are communicated using compelling visuals are the ones which grow legs, and are passed around the world.

One of the most effective forms of communication today is video. There is no other medium which packs the same amount of objective information, and subjective emotion, into such a small space of time. This is why Youtube has recently become the second most used search tool on the internet; because people would rather find a video that gives them the information they need than trawl through reams of text.

Photography too allows a consumer to see and sense what you're talking about. Whole stories can be more effectively felt and accessed with photography which shows you the colours and textures, and faces of a place.

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So that’s what I do: I shoot punchy, emotive short films, and compelling journalistic photography. I have always had a passion for storytelling, and I’ve now found a way to add my skills to this pursuit and focus it to tell the stories which, I believe, most deserve the air time.

We live in a world with countless grassroots issues, and, whilst the problems often seem insurmountable, the heartening thing is that there are many out there who are taking the challenges head on. A whole host of organisations are working round the clock to better the lives of the poor, the lonely, and the neglected in our world, often unseen.

And they need our help.

I began shooting for these unsung heroes a few years ago, and was quickly amazed by the impact it made for them as a group. As they used these short films and photos in presentations, launches, and from their websites; awareness was raised, and support flooded in for the good work they do.

So where do you fit in?

I am challenging you, individual or corporate, to fund promotional visual material to tell the stories of these unsung heroes, who are in dire need of exposure and support. In doing so you are giving them the tools to tell their story far and wide, and so mobilize real support for their day to day needs.

Here are a couple of examples:


Stu Walker, Director of Ithemba Projects, Mpumuza said:

“In my opinion, communicating effectively to present and potential funders is one of the more important aspects of the work. Without it, we would not be able to raise the resources we need to make the difference in the community. However, charities like ourselves are not well equipped or trained to do so – for obvious reasons. Sean’s videos have been incredible at helping us communicate in a way that we never could before. I can’t tell you the difference it has made to giving us a voice we did not have. Actually, they have given us the ability to raise so much more for the work on the ground, simply because people can, see, feel and even sense the difference that our projects are making. If I could, I would have Sean working fulltime producing videos as reports to funders and helping us tell the story of Mpumuza better and better to those who don’t know.”

 Philen Naidu, Founder of the My Life, My Africa Children’s Foundation said:

"Sean's personalized service, professional approach, and ability to see into our minds-eye to deliver exactly what was on our heart- made us see ourselves, our work, and our organization in a brightly new and positive light. Sean's involvement with My Life My Africa Children’s Foundation has played a pivotal role in carrying our organization to the next level."

So I'm giving you the opportunity to fund the production of short films and narrative photography for these grassroots heroes in order to take them to the ‘next level’ in the good work they’re doing.

If you’re interested in partnering with me in this work please make contact through the 'Contact Us' menu link above, or by directly emailing to set up a meeting.

I look forward to collaborating with you.