My name is Sarah. 

I have worked as a Professional Editor and Retoucher for the past 5 years alongside world-renowned photographers such as Christine Meinjties and Greg Lumley, to name a few. I also worked in the high pressure world of print media as a Retoucher for Highbury Safika Media in Cape Town, and more recently retouching archive images for Vogue Magazine here in London. 

I am a detailed oriented person who would rather take the time over an image to get it right than rush the job. I take great pride in the quality of work I produce putting that extra punch into an image whilst removing distracting flaws which can detract from an otherwise beautiful shot. 

That said I have a commitment to keeping things natural. In the end I hope that my retouching goes largely unnoticed and that the viewer believes them self to just be catching a model on a very good skin and hair day.  

When performing a full edit on an image you can expect basics such as colour correction, exposure, contrast, cropping and straightening to provide a good base. Then compositing and background to provide a setting, followed by complete skin retouching, feature enhancement and body remodelling of the subject.

Please take a moment to click on the image below and look closely at the 'before and after' examples to assess for yourself the difference which can be made: